The Green Line

The Green Line is a community stewardship project taking place in the transmission corridor of Seattle City Light in upper Rainier Beach. This is the space under high-voltage power lines the city uses to get power from its source into your outlet. Previously, it was primarily inhabited by invasive weeds.

Restoring native plants and pollinators to unused land, we’re creating a sustainable habitat that can model how communities may repurpose inactive public space. It’s part of a strategy to create “hubs and spokes” of community directed, re-purposed public land that can become a “grid” with civic utility and ecological and cultural promise.

With two acres planted, and 3 years of pollinator population data collected, The Green Line publicly launched in fall 2018 in partnership with: The Common Acre, Rainier Beach Action CoalitionDuwamish Alive Coalition, and EarthCorps. We are creating a demonstration site modeling several restoration techniques and educational opportunities to be replicated along the full 64 acres of transmission lines, and beyond.

We welcomed community members to the site with Cross Pollinations: a full day event featuring Coast Salish storytelling and educational activities guided by our commitment to hold space for stories about the native plants and wild pollinators of these lands. This was the first event in a two year series as part of a comprehensive case-study to collect community directed approaches for public space activation.

The Common Acre surveyed the Creston-Duwamish transmission lines for pollinator activity between July and September 2014, for City Light’s Environmental Leadership Initiative. Based on our findings as well as stakeholder committee feedback , City Light invited us and our partners to restore pollinator habitat along this corridor.

As we work to expand the project, and investigate new opportunities, we are forming a Community Leadership Council and conducting a case study of public space activation in 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

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