Cultivating Change

We are a mixed Indigenous-led (Unangax) organization with 100% BIPOC Board and staff.

Our programs prioritize the engagement of low-income communities and communities of color in south Seattle. In addtion, we support Unangan/Unangas with access to cultural, food, and land based activities. We work in Rainier Beach, Skyway, Tukwila, Pionner Square and the Central District. We also partner with BIPOC-serving organizations to support the food security and land access. The communities we work in have experienced redlining and inconsistent divestment, resulting in fewer economic opportunities, less green space/ a drastically higher heat index, greater health disparities, and an overall disconnection from the land.

Over all, we reached nearly 200 people last year through community engagement.

Learn About The Green Line
By creating space to convene artistic and cultural expressions, we seek to inhabit the intersection of art and science.

Revitalizing Landscapes: Bridging Art and Science through Community Engagement

Partnering with communities and public agencies, our commitment is to breathe new life into the land. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to restore and revitalize landscapes. Wondering how we make this vision a reality? Here's how we do it:

  • Restoring And Researching Native Plant And Pollinator Habitats
  • Supporting Urban Agriculture
  • Activating Community Green Spaces

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