Bee City

Seattle Joins the National Effort

On May 18, 2015, Seattle City Council passed a Resolution accepting designation as the nation’s eighth Bee City USA. Among other things, the Resolution declared that the City will deliver: “Educational events, pollinator habitat plantings or restoration, and proclamations or promotions showcasing the City’s commitment to enhancing pollinator health and habitat rich in native plant species.”

Read the whole Resolution here.

With guidance from the City of Seattle’s Department of Parks and Recreation and Seattle City Light, The Common Acre is leading Seattle’s Bee City efforts. Key to this process is a stakeholder advisory committee of experts and representatives from pro-pollinator organizations. Our goal is to develop policy proposals for pollinators which are based on science and support the food chain in an urban environment.

Together we will make Seattle an exemplary “Bee City.” Our success also depends on you!

Be a Bee Citizen

Support pollinators where you live:

Learn more about pollinators. Here are three excellent starting points:

    • Thomas Seeley, Honeybee Democracy a fascinating and clear description of how honey bees make decisions by one of the world’s leading bee scientists.

Join a citizen science project focused on bees:

Beekeepers, contribute data from your hives:

Endorse the Bee City initiative:

  • Are you a pollinator-friendly organization? Contact us to discuss how to get involved!

About Bee City USA

Bee City

Bee City USA began in Asheville, NC, which kicked off the program in June 2013 with their eponymous declaration. Bee City “encourages city leaders to celebrate and raise awareness of the contribution bees and other pollinators make to our world.” 

Bee City helps municipalities coordinate efforts to make a difference, and also to network with each other to share information. We look forward to participating both locally and with our colleagues across the nation!