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Our Next Trick

What if Lake Woebegone was real, and "A Prairie Home Companion" was really a very practical "Urban Homestead Companion?" Then you’d have something like our next project. Urban Homestead Radio will feature killer performers, writers and guests on a weekly theme: Permaculture, Beekeeping, Canning, Knitting, and Bicycling, and more.

We have lined up a studio, a house band, a bevy of poets, a smattering of smart guests, and a murder of crows. We'll let you know when we're live. Meanwhile, got an idea for a program theme, guest, or performer? Drop us a line at scarecrow - at - commonacre - dot - org.

One Comment to “Our Next Trick”

  1. Kathleen Blair

    What a splendid Idea!! Please try to book Wendell Berry or at least get someone to read some of his Mad Farmer poems. I will *definitely* be tuning in when you are Live !

    In the meantime may I respectfully submit for your consideration my husband Frank Blair as a suggested performer? You can hear his work at http://frankblair.com/ I recommend reading the liner notes from his CD An Bóithrín here http://ats.frankblair.com/an_bithrn for an idea of the kind of music he performs. He recorded “Stonecutter,” on this CD which is about the buidling of The Peace Tower in Ottawa after WWI and how that war robbed the world of many master stone masons and other hand-craftsmen. He also covers, but has not yet recorded such songs as Billy Bragg’s “The World Turned Upside Down,” and “The Cottager’s Reply,” written by Frank Mansell and first recorded by Chris Wood.


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