NW Pollinator Initiative

With Washington State University, The Common Acre helped launch the NW Pollinator Initiative in 2013. The project, led by Dave Crowder, PhD and his research team of Elias Bloom and Rachel Olsson, studies native pollinator communities in the region and their part in local ecosystems.

The USDA-Organic Transitions program funded a full study based on the pilot; that grant totals $500,000 and encompasses work on 18 farms from 2014 through 2016. Of specific interest is the role of pollinator communities on organic food systems.

The Common Acre's role focuses on community outreach and education. We are very excited to be part of this valuable work! Current details may be found at the new website nwpollinators.org

2 Comments to “NW Pollinator Initiative”

  1. Kathe Watanabe

    I attended the first pollinator course and am interested in participating in your pollinator project, but I will be out of town on February 11th and unable to attend the class at Seattle Tilth. Will you offer this class at another date?

    Thank you,

    Käthe Watanabe


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