NW Pollinator Initiative

With Washington State University, The Common Acre helped launch the North West Pollinator Initiative in 2013. The project, led by Dave Crowder, PhD and his research team of Elias Bloom and Rachel Olsson, studies native pollinator communities in the region and their part in local ecosystems.

Their mission: to promote pollinator community health and pollination services through research into habitat conservation on small-scale diversified production systems of western Washington. This research has a strong focus on developing techniques that are practical and useful for growers in both long-term organic and transitioning farming systems.

Northwest Pollinator InitiativeThe Northwest Pollinator Initiative is a program of Washington State University Department of Entomology/ Crowder Laboratory with support from The Common Acre,  Tilth Producers of Washington and 35 participating farms. Generous financial support is provided by the USDA, wSARE, and the National Science Foundation.

The Common Acre’s role focuses on community outreach and education. We are very excited to be part of this valuable work! Current details may be found at nwpollinators.org.