Art in Terminal B(ee)

Mesolithic rock painting, Valencia Spain

Mesolithic rock painting, Valencia Spain

One of the earliest cave paintings (in Valencia, Spain, from 15,000 years ago) showed a figure gathering honey aloft a ladder to the sky. How different is our exhibit inside the airport from this ancient work?

In some ways, things are very different now: many people are separated from the cycle of food, from honoring bees and the harvest. Much of our honey is adulterated with chemicals and corn syrup, stripped of nutrients and part of a cycle that kills the bees themselves.

On the other hand, our exhibit shows nothing has changed: our artists will tell stories of flight, of wings and sunlight and, we hope, give us all a glimpse of something sublime. Once again we will honor the bees, looking over the flight space we share.

The Flight Path exhibit debuts in early 2014 and will feature the work of dozens of the region's best artists. More details to be announced soon!

Our initial call for proposals has expired. We may rotate work into the exhibit during its run. If you care to submit a proposal for that, please see details  HERE.