Native Bee ID for Citizen Science

Venue: The Green Line

Address: 10617 53rd Ave S, Seattle WA 98178

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Date: September 7, 2019

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Join this hands on workshop with Will Peterman of BeeSearch to learn about:
▪ the diversity of native bees
▪ their interactions with flowers, and
▪ their nesting behavior
▪ bee-friendly things that families can do, ranging from yard care to window boxes
▪ how to participate in citizen science bee monitoring programs at home

We will examine a physical collection of local bees collected at The Common Acre’s study sites, and discuss associations between bees and flowers, illustrated with images of foraging bees.

Location and weather permitting, we will take a field walk through the Green Line habitat planting, with opportunities for guided net collection and examination and discussion of live specimens.

About the instructor:

Will Peterman is a writer, photographer, and bee nerd. He studied pollination ecology and artificial intelligence in graduate school at UCSD, then spent fifteen years in software development before returning to entomology as the lead of the Western Bumblebee Project ( He is currently studying the quirks of bee vision and working on conservation strategies for native, ground-nesting bees.

About the location:

The Green Line is a community stewardship project taking place in the transmission corridor of Seattle City Light in upper Rainier Beach. This is the space under high-voltage power lines the city uses to get power from its source into your outlet. Previously, it was primarily inhabited by invasive weeds.

Restoring native plants and pollinators to unused land, we’re creating a sustainable habitat that can model how communities may repurpose inactive public space. It’s part of a strategy to create “hubs and spokes” of community directed, re-purposed public land that can become a “grid” with civic utility and ecological and cultural promise.

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