Art in Terminal Bee

In the spirit of our mission we had to share our airport scrub land Cinderella story in a way that would inspire, inform and compel. Naturally we took our imaginations for a ride and landed inside the Sea-Tac airport by the security gates with a green light to share the Flight Path story through an art exhibit. Under the leadership of the masterful Kate Fernandez we curated bee-inspired creations by a talented roster of local artists. The flight path exhibit opened June, 2014 and the spirit and story of the bee -it's past, present and hope for the future is now reaching over millions of people.

Participating Artists

Sean Alexander Tripping Like A Bee
Sean Alexander is a Tacoma-based artist who is known for making high-detail, whimsical drawings and offbeat conceptual projects. His artworks have been featured in numerous galleries and publications around the country. Sean's current projects include an upcoming children's book and various street renovations in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood.

Cooning_HeadshotCeleste Cooning Bee Lines
Celeste Cooning grew up in Indiana, studying painting and art history at Indiana University, Bloomington. Graduate school at University of Washington brought her to Seattle, where she continues to live and work as an independent visual artist. Her outdoor installations first dawned Occidental Park of historic Pioneer Square. 2013 encompassed a solo exhibition at Mission Gallery, Chicago and a feature at the HOW Design Conference for New Leaf Paper in San Francisco. The stylized nature and oversized scale of her decorative motifs allow for varied interpretation, with intent to conjure sensations of wonder and awe. It is within these moments that Celeste believes we become hopeful, curious, and inspired. Ultimately, her work functions to cultivate this wonder, spark imagination, and nurture joy.

Jed Dunkerley The Towers at Westhive, Construction Workers Local 530
Originally from Nashville, TN, Jed Dunkerley moved to Seattle in 1997 and, after a stint in animation, has been teaching drawing and painting at Franklin High School in the Rainier Valley for 10 years and counting. With a bachelor's degree in paleontology and an associate's degree in illustration, Jed's recent personal artwork focuses on satirization of human relationships to land- mainly architecture, urban planning, geo-engineering, and energy infrastructure. He has shown paintings around Seattle, most recently at Vermillion and Joe Bar on Capitol Hill. He has illustrated 4 books, written and performed musical theater at MOHAI, written and sung a geology-themed rock opera with his band at On the Boards, and facilitated many social art experiments and installations with PDL- frequently at SAM, with and without permission.

Haack_headshotJulia Haack Flight Path Bench
Julia Haack works with mosaic techniques to assemble complex, interwoven geometric patterns on wall-mounted and three dimensional sculptures. She uses salvaged wood to build art pieces inspired in part by Asian textiles and urban landscapes. This Seattle artist has participated in over one hundred exhibitions on both coasts, and has been the recipient of multiple grants, fellowships, and residencies.

Hubbard_headshotJameson S. Hubbard Pollinators
Born in Kansas City, MO, Jameson S Hubbard transplanted to Seattle, WA in 2007 and immediately began attending the Kang-O’Higgins Painting and Drawing Atelier at Gage Academy of Art, where he studied for the next two years. Towards the end of his attendance in the atelier, Jameson began exploring large-scale relief printmaking in the figurative, narrative tradition. After some experimentation with different materials, he began working almost exclusively with wood relief printing for it’s unique grain patterning and printing effects. He has lived and worked in the Puget sound for the last 7 years, where he draws inspiration from it’s flora, fauna, and farming communities. Recently, Jameson’s work has begun to incorporate materials that are more environmentally friendly and biodegradable than most materials on the market today. Some of these more eco-friendly materials include clay, mud, seed paper, and alternative printing inks such as honey and pigment mixtures.

Jessup_headshotKate Jessup Pollinator Portraits
Kate Jessup is a Seattle artist whose practice is rooted in mosaic-based processes. A graduate of the Comparative History of Ideas program at the University of Washington, her studio work is often inspired by dualistic relationships such as that between built and natural environments. Utilizing materials such as stone, porcelain and glass, and informed by a career designing custom mosaics and tiled spaces, she is particularly interested in the intersection between artistic expression and durable, functional spaces.

Robert Zvernia and Sarah Kavage Connecting Flights
Robert Zverina is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose work includes (and sometimes combines) video, photography, performance, music, sculpture, and immersive installations. His primary obsession is the documentation of life's everyday details, much of which can be seen at his ongoing web documentary Picture of the Day (, online since 1997.

Raised in back-to-the-land style in rural Ohio in the 70s, Sarah Kavage is an artist and urban planner. Her artistic practice applies a planner’s point of view, where large scales and ephemeral materials frame an examination of systems, ethics, and landscapes - including building an island on a barge in the Duwamish River; distributing 20 tons of flour to the people of Chicago as a statement about the commodity system; and weaving fields of tall grasses into spaces for gathering and ceremony.

Kavage and Zverina have lived together in Seattle for 15 years and recently relocated to a remote, off the grid property on Maui.

L. Kelly Lyles To Bee or Not to Bee
Life is a lot of fun, and I'd like the viewers to share that in my work. Growing up all over the world, I developed an interest in people, our foibles, and the universal language of laughter. After years making commercial art as a designer and illustrator, I focus now on painting and creating 3D works for public and private collections. I'm heavily involved in the art-car community, and enjoy bringing to life fantastical carriages that are showcased at events and parades across the country. My work spans a number of different styles and media; all are based on representational art steeped in classical training.

Monette_HeadshotColleen Monette Swarm
Colleen has been fortunate to have had creative careers, in visual merchandising, as a florist and now as an encaustic mixed media artist.
As she was drawn to the beauty of flowers, discovering encaustic medium has transformed her dreams and the world around her into her paintings. The texture, scent and colors of the wax play together with antique ephemera to create work that inspires her relationship to nature and home. Her recent work has explored the ongoing massive die-off of the honeybee, combining plaster, wax and collage elements to convey the warmth of the hive and begin a dialogue about their plight.

Kristen T. Ramirez Social Order, One Way, Sweet Honey
Kristen T. Ramirez earned an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Washington. Ramirez has exhibited her work widely, including recent public art commissions through King County, the City of Seattle, and Sound Transit. Her prints, paintings, installations, and murals exaggerate and reconfigure elements from the urban landscape.

Redmond_HeadshotAmy Redmond Flight Path Logo
With over 18 years of experience in agency and studio settings, Amy Redmond is a visual designer who thrives on variety, creating interactive & print work for corporate and non-profit clients. To keep her creativity refreshed, Amy balances digital design with time in her letterpress studio, Amada Press in Seattle. She also teaches at the School of Visual Concepts.

Schuldt_HeadshotScott Schuldt F.A.R.-Part 51
Scott Schuldt was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His formative years included outdoor activities with intellectual interests in science and history. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He quit his engineering career in 2005 to pursue artwork on a fulltime basis. A longtime resident of Seattle, Scott has recently relocated to the east coast. As his art abilities matured, he realized that his work was driven primarily by content and concept. Recent works are derived from a process of environmental exploration and include hand-surveyed, hand-drawn maps, specimen collecting, photography, and video. His work is in the collections of King County, City of Seattle, and New York’s Museum of Arts and Design.

Veltkamp_headshotJoey Veltkmap Lovebuzz, 2 Million Flowers, Queen of my Heart, Honeybear
The work of Joey Veltkamp has been shown at Frye Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Hedreen Gallery, Greg Kucera Gallery, SAM Gallery, SOIL, and more. His writings have appeared in City Arts Magazine, DRIFT Magazine, New American Paintings, Visual Art Source, best of, and Pacific Standard. Veltkamp makes art about ghosts, sadness, transfiguration, joy, and comfort. His most recent work was an installation of 10 quilts and 20 flags. He is overly fond of bears, rainbows, and cheap beer.