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Art+Agriculture #7

Creative expression is an essential piece of our well being and so effective at helping gain perspective. Join Flight Path artist Jed Dunkerley to sketch some naked models and let out your inner artist. Naked Bee models that is! Connect with others in this small supportive group session as we learn the basics of figure drawing, get intimate with bees and take time to flow with our creativity. Absolutely no prior experience required (and in fact preferred). Thursday March 19th, 2015 at Canoe Social Club 1423 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 7-10pm.

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Art+Agriculture #6

We are once again asking the question "what makes an ideal food system?". What about a resurgence of Victory Gardens, focusing on resilience rather than sustainability? What about integrating bee habitats with our transportation system (the "Bee Line")? How about a shorter work day so we have time to grow food and share it? Supporting Maui in its fight to shut down the largest Monsanto experiment? These were just a few of the ideas suggested from last month's conversation about ideal food systems at 21 Acres. We are doing a new round with more diverse perspectives Thursday Feb. 19th at The Well in Queen Anne. Our panel will include musician and farmer Ariana-Taylor Stanley, evolutionary biologist Peter Conlin, Publisher at Readers to Eaters Philip Lee, and Warren Etheridge TV Host of The Warren Report. You can get your tickets here

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Art+Agriculture #5

We are starting off 2015 with our fifth Art+Agriculture event Tuesday January 13th at 21 acres farm. The evening will begin with a panel discussion by diverse thought leaders exploring the question "What is an ideal food system?". Our panelists will include Cristina Orbe musician and executive director of FEEST , Catherine Calvert AIA architect at VIA Architecture, and Dexter Chapin teacher of Environmental Science and Cultural Anthropology. Following the panel talk we have all of you weigh in your thoughts with an audience discussion in the creative tradition of musician Brian Eno's oblique strategies for lateral thinking.

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Art+Agriculture #4

Author Anna Mia Davidson kicks off the re-launch for the 2015
Art+Agriculture series with an early start December 3rd, 2014 at Town Hall Seattle. Anna Mia Davidson’s powerful photographs chronicle every day change and the human experience. Her new book Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest, expertly documents a Washington farming community committed to sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry. According to Davidson, “our future depends on a new appreciation for local production and consumption.”

Using Pacific Northwest examples, she’ll explain why sustainable, local agriculture is so crucial. She’ll also share the inspiration for her book — a Cuban photography trip in the 1990s — and sustainable practices used on her own Washington farm.She will be talking about her work and new book. You will be inspired to learn why sustainable, local agriculture is so important and how compelling photography tells a story you might not know existed right in your own backyard.

"Up with vegetables!" Susan Robb (l) and Nicole Kistler (r) at Town Hall.

"Up with vegetables!" Susan Robb (l) and Nicole Kistler (r) at Town Hall Seattle.

Art+Agriculture #3

The series was rekindled at Town Hall Seattle on October 15, 2013, with  "Imaginary Food Systems: The Art and Science of Bees, Flight, and Agriculture"

A conversation springing from the Flight Path project, this edition of Art+Agriculture examined how food gets from the field to the home, with inspiration from Brian Eno, and direction to our panelists to be creative and visionary.

We gave each panelist the direction to "describe your ideal food system." We told them to consider how honey bees already have an extremely efficient, even timeless, operation, which has worked for 50 million years. Can it translate to human systems of flight, cargo, architecture, communication, imagination?

UW biologist Dr. Evan Sugden and artists Nicole Kistler and Susan Robb each responded, with Seattle's dynamic conversationalist Warren Etheredge moderating. And in the creative tradition of Brian Eno’s "Imaginary Landscapes" and "Music for Airports," the conversation employed Eno’s Oblique Strategies for lateral thinking—a deck of cards like the I Ching that can produce surprising results. Local honey and mead helped create a hive and hubbub of thoughtful inquiry.

Poster by Aaron Bagley

Poster by Aaron Bagley

Art+Agriculture #2

The second edition of Art+Agriculture was held April 28, 2011 at Washington Hall.

The event featured Novella Carpenter (author of FARM CITY) with musical guest okanomodé (stop-your-heart performer), and a panel of farmers and organizers on the theme of Urban Farming and Food Justice.

Carpenter entrhalled and encouraged the audience with stories of her urban farm in Oakland; okanomodé performed songs from Stevie Wonder's "The Secret Life of Plants;" and Eddie Hill led a discussion with an all-star panel including: Rev. Robert Jeffrey (Clean Greens), Maria Elena Rodriguez (Community Alliance for Global Justice), Erick Haackenson (Jubilee Farm), Rosy Smit (21 Acres), and Sean Conroe (Alleycat Acres).

Around the ballroom, our "Urban Ag Bazaar" included Seattle Tilth's Garden Hotline, the Central Co-op, Seattle Farm Co-op, Beacon Food Forest, Cascadian Edible Landscapes, and Community Alliance for Global Justice.

Proceeds from the event went to benefit Alleycat Acres. The program was supported by: The Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural AffairsUniversity BookstoreThe Living Room, and the Central Co-op.

Some additional photos from the event are viewable here.

art-ag 1 posterArt+Agriculture #1

The inaugural edition of Art+Agriculture was held December 1, 2010 at Kane Hall at the University of Washington, produced by The Common Acre's precursor Essential Arts.

It featured the Seattle Premiere of the film "Vanishing of the Bees," a honey tasting of local honey before the film, guest performances by poets Matt Gano and Judith Roche (each performing a new piece about honeybees), plus a Q&A after the film with Corky Luster (Ballard Bee Company), Sarah Bergmann (Pollinator Pathway), Judith Roche (American Book Award Winner), and Nancy Beckett (Puget Sound Beekeepers Association).

Proceeds benefited Seattle's own Pollinator Pathway.

Art+Agriculture #1: Vanishing of the Bees was co-presented with the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association and the Pollinator Pathway, with the support of Seattle Tilth and the Washington Toxics Coalition. The event was sponsored by the Program on the Environment at the University of Washington.